AOP™ Water Purification

AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) is the most advanced method available for hot tub water purification to provide crystal clear spa water daily.  It combines both UV light and ozone to remove contaminants from the spa water.


  1. Filtered water is cycled through the pump and enters the AOP unit through the injector, drawing ozone and hydroxyls from the chamber. The static mixer combines water, ozone and hydroxyls.
  2. Air enters unit where a UV bulb converts it to ozone and hydroxyls.
  3. Water irradiated by Germicidal UVC converts ozone to hydroxyl radicals through Advanced Oxidation Processing. Contaminants are destroyed by intense germicidal UVC, ozone, and hydroxyl radicals.
  4. Water exits the unit and flows into the spa resulting in clean and purified spa water.

* 20,000 hour rated

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