Our Spas come with an extensive range of Standard features along with our excellent Optional features.


12 V Spa Light

South Seas Spas Standard models come with a 12 V Spa Light, illuminating the water with a pleasant light. Not available on Deluxe models.

4 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover

The ASTM Deluxe Cover provides high heat retention for your Garden Spa hot tub. Available in 5 different colours to match the cabinet options available and has a 4″ to 2.5″ taper to allow water to run off.

50 sq. ft. Filter

Filtration removes contaminants such as dirt, metals and oil as water passes through a microporus membrane. Larger particles are trapped in the upper layer and smaller particles, in the 1-5 micron size, are trapped in the lower part of the composite.

ArcticPac Insulation System with ABS Bottom

The ArcticPac Insulation retains heat well, keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature.

Deluxe Model DynaStar and Pillowfall LED Lighting

This LED light system can be set on one favourite colour, or the colours can slowly fade from one to the other, creating a truly spectacular light show.

Maintenance-Free Grandwood Cabinet

Beautiful, maintenance-free Grandwood cabinetry comes standard on every South Seas Spa. With six different colours to choose from, your spa will beautiful in any weather.

Ozone Ready

South Seas Spas are Ozone Ready, with the necessary technology to implement the Ozonator optional feature. The Ozonator provides additional water treatment and requires fewer harsh chemicals to be added to the spa’s water and purifies water faster than chlorine.

Plug and Play GFCI Cord

Some models of South Seas Spas (519P and 729B/L only) come standard with a GFCI cord, letting you power the spa with any standard wall outlet.

Stainless Steel Jets

Treat yourself to the ultimate massage with these revolutionary jets. This innovative design features powerful jets that relieve tightness and relax muscles, melting away tension and pain in a matter of minutes.

Warranty – For Peace of Mind

The standard warranty relates to South Seas Spa’s bought in the UK. Structure Lifetime (12 Years) Surface 3 years Cabinet 2 years Parts, & Plumbing 2 years Labour 1 year Stereo & AOP System 1 year


AOP™ Water Purification

AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) is the most advanced method available for hot tub water purification to provide crystal clear spa water daily.  It combines both UV light and ozone to remove contaminants from the spa water.

Full Foam Energy Efficient Package

The optional full-foam insulation offered in South Seas Spas provides the most efficient heat retention available in any spa on the market.

LED Lighting

Upgrade the lighting in your South Seas Spa with the Multicolour 10 LED system or DynaStar LED systems.


The Ozonator provides additional water treatment and requires fewer harsh chemicals to be added to the spa’s water and purifies water faster than chlorine.


Pillowfalls provide a constantly available source of visual and auditory tranquility. Water pours from the spa pillow, creating a soothing waterfall.

Spa Frog In-Line System

The Spa Frog In-Line System utilises both a Bromine and a Mineral cartridge to automatically sanitise the spa water.  

Stereo System

Why not choose to add one of our luxury stereo systems to complete your hot tub for the ultimate spa experience.

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